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The One Left Behind: Chapter 4

I've added another chapter:

Peter Pan Fanfic
“I want always to be a boy, and have fun.” Was Wendy right? Was this Peter’s “biggest pretend”?

- Peter Pan - PG - English – Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Romance – Multi-Chapter – Status: In-Progress –

Peter Pan © Great Ormond Street Hospital

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The One Left Behind

By: Chiruken

Chapter 4

Peter settled himself comfortably on the tree branch and peered through the window to the nursery inside Number 14. The room was brightly lit, the light blazing out through the window as if a sun had been hidden inside the house. He could clearly see inside the nursery and marveled at the strange and wonderful things laid out around the room from toys he’d never seen before littering the floor to strange portraits hung on the walls without frames. The floor was covered from wall to wall with a plush green rug that looked soft as grass and tempted the boy sorely to swoop in and touch it to see if it really was a lawn growing indoors.

From the corner of his eye he could see Tinker Bell darting forward and quickly reached out, snatching her from mid-flight. “No, Tink!” He whispered fiercely and shook his head adamantly. The tiny fairy pouted and struggled to free herself from his closed hand, tugging on each of his fingers ineffectually. “Wait a bit more.” He cautioned before releasing her. Tinker Bell shot up into the air and scolded him sternly, fairy dust raining down around Peter from her agitated movements. The excited murmur of voices from within the nursery drew Peter’s attention and he lifted one finger to his lips in a shushing gesture. “Quiet! I can’t hear.” He leaned forward some more, balancing precariously on the branch, and peered with great interest into the nursery.

Three children were moving about, two girls and one boy, all dressed in their nightclothes, though they were no nightclothes Peter had seen before. Intrigued, he tilted his head to the side and studied each child intently. The boy was dressed in bright red trousers and matching top interspersed with blue designs that resembled a spider’s web, had blond curls in wild disarray around his head and blue eyes filled with mischief, obviously the youngest of the three he was currently running around the room brandishing what looked to be a musket of some sort. Peter’s eyes widened with delight before moving on to the next child, a plump little girl wearing a pink nightgown, dark hair cut short and framing her flushed face, blue eyes sparkling as she bounced on one of the beds. Tilting his head to the side again with a wide grin, he decided that he would like to try jumping on the bed as well since it looked to be very enjoyable judging by the girl’s exuberant expression. It was all he could do to maintain his resolve and not fly straight through the open window to join in on their games.

Turning his head, he grinned at Tinker Bell, quite pleased with his find. For her part, the fairy merely folded her arms across her chest and tossed her head with a shower of sparkling fairy dust. Shrugging, Peter focused his attention on the third child, another girl, in the nursery. “Hmm…” He cupped his chin and studied her with an odd little smile playing about his lips. She looked to be the eldest of the three and was currently sitting cross-legged on her bed reading a book. This was a sure sign, in his opinion, that she would most definitely know stories that she could tell him. Rubbing his hands together gleefully, he shifted in growing excitement on his perch and nearly fell off for his efforts. Casting a slightly chagrined look in Tinker Bell’s direction he smiled ruefully and righted himself on the bough again. The girl reading the book was wearing a pair of blue trousers with a white shirt with tiny blue bows running down the front, her red hair held back in a tight braid though several strands had already pulled loose and were springing to life around her head. He couldn’t see her eyes, but he amused himself for a moment imagining what colour they would be, almost laughing aloud at some of the strange ideas that popped into his head. He’d never seen someone with purple eyes, but maybe this girl had them.

Peter’s eyes moved from one child to the next, studying them intently. The boy seemed to be sturdy enough, despite his young age, to take part in rollicking adventures. He was looking forward to teaching him to use a sword once they arrived in Neverland. It was his opinion that one should always be prepared, just in case. After all, though Neverland had been peaceful since Hook’s demise, a villain could rise up to take his place at any time. He was a little uncertain about the jumping girl, though. His opinions of girls, though greatly improved since the time he’d spent with Wendy, was still in the stage between something slimy to avoid at all cost and something intensely interesting. His thoughts turned to Wendy and the thimble she’d given him and he made a face reflecting his disgust. He hadn’t minded being “thimbled” by Wendy, but the jumping girl? He made a face and stuck out his tongue, a shudder running up his spine that had nothing to do with the chill wind of London’s winter. He quickly looked away from her, face still puckered as if he’d bitten into sour fruit. His gaze fell on the other girl, still sitting on her bed, open book resting on her lap. His eyes widened as he realized that she was now looking directly at him, eyes wide…blue, not purple he thought, somewhat disappointed that his imaginings hadn’t been correct…and lips formed into an “oh” of surprise.




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