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The One Left Behind: Chapter 5

Peter Pan Fanfic
“I want always to be a boy, and have fun.” Was Wendy right? Was this Peter’s “biggest pretend”?

- Peter Pan - PG - English – Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Romance – Multi-Chapter – Status: In-Progress –

Peter Pan © Great Ormond Street Hospital

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The One Left Behind

By: Chiruken

Chapter 5

Without another thought, Peter was on his feet and in the air before the girl in the nursery of Number 14 could do more than blink her surprise. In the moment it took her to blink again, he was gone from her sight, shooting straight up and over the roof, disappearing into the night. Grinning widely, he glanced to the side and winked at Tinker Bell, thoroughly pleased with himself. “Oh! The cleverness of me!” He crowed triumphantly, quite satisfied that he’d managed to escape without an alarm being raised. Though often forgetful and certainly not one to think before acting, Peter wasn’t without intelligence. He knew full well that a stranger peeping into a window at night was bound to rouse suspicions and could result in the window being barred to him in the future. However, he also knew that grown ups often disregarded what children had to say and felt confident that the incident of this night would go mostly unnoticed.

For her part, Tinker Bell rolled her eyes and flew in tight circles around the boy’s head, trailing sparkling fairy dust in her wake. Her tinkling bell voice rang out clear as she admonished him for taking foolish risks of discovery as he had. Naturally, this only made Peter grin wider as he felt her chiding was proof that he really was as clever as he thought himself to be. After all, if Tinker Bell had been worried, then it must have been a near miss. And if it had been a near miss, then his escape had been nothing short of brilliant. Seeing that her scolding was only inflating the boy’s opinion of his cunning deeds of the night, she fell silent.

“We will return tomorrow night.” Peter suddenly proclaimed, flipping onto his back to float on the air currents, lazily folding his hands behind his head and crossing one leg over the other. Frowning, he pursed his lips thoughtfully. “But I won’t take them to Neverland yet.” The fairy sat on his chest, expression curious as she chinkled out an inquiry. “Because…” He paused, his frown deepening as he thought about his reasoning behind waiting. There were many reasons, of course, but foremost in his mind was the strangely clear memory of how every one of the children he returned to Neverland with had wished, at some point, to return to their home. He didn’t want that to happen again. Though he had tons of fun in Neverland, it just wasn’t the same without other children to share his adventures with. Since the last Lost Boy had left…he couldn’t remember his name or when exactly he’d decided that he wanted to leave to grow up…there hadn’t been any others. He didn’t know why, after all, wasn’t there always careless nurses and boys who fell out of their prams? He shrugged the disturbing thoughts aside and shifted to fly forward again, dislodging Tinker Bell from her perch on his chest. “I just want to make sure, that’s all.” He finally answered in a strangely subdued voice after several long moments of silence.

Changing course, he flew to Kensington Garden and settled in one of the large trees, shifting until he was comfortable. Tinker Bell scowled and flitted around his head, jangling out her confusion. Weren’t they returning to Neverland? Why was Peter just sitting in the tree and staring at the ground? Tugging on his hair, she demanded…quite loudly for a creature her size…that he pay attention to her.

Lifting his gaze from his intent perusal of the ground below he shrugged. “I’m staying here so I don’t forget.” She tinkled and jingled some more, her expression revealing her bewilderment. “I don’t want to forget what I’m doing, Tink.” Throwing her tiny hands up in the air she chinkled out her frustration at his strangely reserved reply. Brows drawing close together he thought for a moment before answering slowly. “I want them to come to Neverland…but I don’t want them to leave again like the others did.”

Tinker Bell suddenly thought she understood. In a shower of fairy dust, the tiny form flew forward and threw her arms around the boy in a hug. Of course, because she was so small, her hug only covered his nose. His eyes crossed and when he drew in a breath he breathed in fairy dust resulting in a reflexive sneeze which blew Tinker Bell backwards. She didn’t scold him for this, however, because she now understood…or at least partially…and felt bad for him. Peter Pan, she now realised, for all the wonderful adventures he had in Neverland and his eternal youth, was lonely and wanted the companionship of other children…something a fairy like her couldn’t give him. Though it saddened her to know this, she also understood and silently vowed to help her friend as much as she could. But for all her good intentions, Tinker Bell just didn’t know what she, a tiny fairy no bigger than a boy’s hand, could do.


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